Audio report now live, full-time Ballinrobe 2-10, @ballyhaunisgaa 3-13 U21 C FC


By Liam Horan, Webmaster

Full-time audio report here:

To clarify: Ballyhaunis scorers – probably got some of them wrong in the run of play below – with thanks to Ballyhaunis mentor John Prenty – Morgan Lyons 1-4, Jason Coyne 1-3, Sean Gildea 1-0, Eamon Phillips 0-5, John Cunnane 0-1.

Full time, audio report shortly, Ballinrobe 2-10, @ballyhaunisgaa 3-13

58, Sean Gildea goal, Ballinrobe 2-10, @ballyhaunisgaa 3-13

57, Morgan Lyons point, Ballinrobe 2-10, @ballyhaunisgaa 2-13

56, Morgan Lyons point, Ballinrobe 2-10, @ballyhaunisgaa 2-12

55, James Quinn point, Ballinrobe 2-10, @ballyhaunisgaa 2-11

55, long-threatening, comes to pass, Ballyhaunis goal, Ballinrobe 2-9, @ballyhaunisgaa 2-11

53, Jason Coyne point, free, Ballinrobe 2-9, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-11

48, great Connor Burke save, Ballinrobe 2-9, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-10

47, James Murphy point, Ballinrobe 2-9, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-10

46, Eamon Phillips point, Ballinrobe 2-8, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-10

45, Kevin Quinn point, Darren fouled, we needed that one, Ballinrobe 2-8, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-9

44, Morgan Lyons point, Ballinrobe 2-7, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-9

43, Ballyhaunis point (not sure of scorer), Ballinrobe 2-7, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-8

42, Jason Coyne point, Ballinrobe 2-7, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-7, we need to start playing

41 Jason Coyne point, Ballinrobe 2-7, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-6

40, Jason Coyne point, Ballinrobe 2-7, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-5

36, Morgan Lyons point, Ballinrobe 2-7, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-4

33, Darren McDonnell point, Ballinrobe 2-7, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-3

31, Morgan Lyons goal, Ballinrobe 2-6, @ballyhaunisgaa 1-3

Half-time report here:

Half-time sub, the third of the Quinns, Tom, on for Diarmuid Doran, Ballinrobe 2-6, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-3

31, Diarmuid Doran point, half-volley type thing kinda style, Ballinrobe 2-6, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-3

31, Eamon Phillips point, Ballinrobe 2-5, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-3

30, Kevin Quinn hits the target, point, Ballinrobe 2-5, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-2

22, Darren McDonnell goal, good preparatory work by James Quinn, Ballinrobe 2-4, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-2

20, John Cunnane (I think) point, Ballinrobe 1-4, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-2

14, Kevin Quinn point, Ballinrobe 1-4, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-1

12, James Quinn point, Ballinrobe 1-3, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-1

11, Peter Butler gone off injured, Dean Shaughnessy on, Ballinrobe 1-2, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-1

5, Jason Coyne, point, free, Ballinrobe 1-2, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-1

4, Kevin Quinn goal, beautiful pass from Jonathan Lawrence, Ballinrobe 1-2, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-0

3, Peter Finnerty, 30-yard run, Ballinrobe 0-2, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-0

1 Kevin Quinn, point, play, Ballinrobe 0-1, @ballyhaunisgaa 0-0

Teams – please note, it’s a 13-a-side competition.

BALLINROBE: Connor Burke; Joseph Burke, Peter Butler; Shane O’Connor, Patrick Daly, Stephen Walsh; Darren McDonnell, James Murphy; James Quinn, Peter Finnerty, Diarmuid Doran; Jonathan Lawrence, Kevin Quinn. Subs: Dean Shaughnessy for Peter Butler, inj., 11; Tom Quinn for Diarmuid Doran;

BALLYHAUNIS: Adrian Phillips; Jimmy Cribbin, Shane Healy; Brian O’Neill, Patrick Kiely, John Cunnane; Stephen Nolan, Calum Gardiner; Cian Henry, Morgan Lyons, Damien Egan; Jason Coyne, Eamon Phillips.

Ref: Garryowen McMahon.

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Most of all, of course, if you are locally based, try to come along and support the team in this crucial game.


U21 championship

Ballinrobe play Ballyhaunis in the first round of the MD Roofing Services Mayo U21 C football championship on Wednesday, August 19, at Flanagan Park, Ballinrobe, at 7.30pm.

Come out to support the team.