Thank you for considering a donation to our development

Note, the Clann Róba Development has been approved as tax deductible. This means that for PAYE tax payers – if you do not submit a self-assessed tax return you are considered PAYE – we can recoup tax on a donation from Revenue equivalent to the marginal rate the donor pays. Thus a €1000 donation from someone on the 40 per cent tax rate means we can claim €660 back from Revenue.

PAYE workers cannot claim this themselves so they either agree to us claiming it or the money stays with Revenue.

Self-assessed individuals can claim relief themselves which means a donation of €2,000 effectively costs them €1,200.

How to Donate

We are offering three options for donation. Click on the options below for further information and to navigate to the payments page if desired. Alternatively, contact the club chairperson, John Sweeney (+353 87 251 6744), if you wish to discuss in person.

Cash contributions are also welcome and can be made by contacting Gerry Donnelly (+353 87 299 7021) or any member of the club executive.

Clann Róba Patrons

Clann Róba patrons will have their names published on our Clann Róba Patrons’ Wall, a visible and permanent feature on the exterior of our new clubhouse to acknowledge the contribution of those that helped realise this development.

Support: Minimum of €10 euro a week for two years. Payments can also be made in full at the start or in other instalments, e.g. monthly or yearly over a period up to two years. If you donate a second €10 euro a week for two years, you get another line on the Clann Róba Patrons’ Wall. Perhaps an opportunity to donate in the name of a family member or to remember a loved one?

Our guarantee to you is that you will look back in time on the value for money this donation represents. You will see it in the joy on the faces of your families and friends, in the successes we achieve and in the camaraderie we build locally. And you will be proud of your contribution.

We appreciate all donations and will gratefully acknowledge all donors online. However, our Clann Róba Patrons’ Wall at Flanagan Park is reserved for those contributing at least €1000 as ultimately the project will only be realised if sufficient people make that commitment.

All Star Teams

All Star Team Members will have their names published on large, permanent All Star Walls at the entrances to the two pitches. They will also be included on our Clann Róba Patrons’ Wall.

Support: €5,000 for one wall; €10,000 for two walls.

Your generosity will secure facilities that will serve this town – you, your family, your friends – for decades to come.

Naming Rights

Have your company’s name linked with the development forever.

For details contact club chairperson, John Sweeney (+353 87 251 6744)
Available for naming rights:
– New pitch
– Gym
– Multi-function room
– Astroturf Pitch
– Other options – for discussion

Flanagan Park will remain as the overall name of our facilities.