Weekend off for U8s

Is this a first, U8s Skills Academy called off due to a stag party? We can’t be sure, but we’re suspicious about a certain man’s motives. Now read on.

Our U8s have been busy boys and girls these past few months with their Skills Academy get-togethers each Wednesday and Saturday.

In what many people initially believed to be a rare display of a soft centre by Academy coordinator Alan Flannery (an original Hard from Rahard, one of the true-blue real-deals), the U8s have been given tomorrow morning (Saturday, June 1) off.

“The weather is promised good, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, and maybe the U8s will want to sleep in a little this Saturday morning. So we’ve taken a day off, and we’re back into the swing of it next Wednesday at 6.30pm,” said Alan.

But there could be more to this than meets the eye. Now read on again, and read the family names closely.

We wish the Flannery and Killeen families and entourage the very best on their double Stag weekend in Dublin in advance of forthcoming nuptials for David Flannery (who marries our Executive Committee member Ms Grimes) and Colm Killeen, whose bride-to-be is Ms Costello from the town of Moate, Co. Westmeath.

The U10s will have their usual Skills Academy tomorrow morning at 9.30.