Thanks from Clare Island

Padraic O’Malley has been in touch to thank everyone who helped to make their recent lightning visit to Ballinrobe a success – our junior team, those who helped out with what he described as excellent hospitality on the evening, and three of our players who donned their jersey.

That trio included John Fitzpatrick who went back to his roots – his mother was a native of the island.

Would they join us on the trip to Rennes?

Actually, Padraic wants to know the dimensions of Flanagan Park. As a townie, this is not something I would ever admit to knowing, even if I did know it, which I don’t.

Anyone out there happen to know? Jarlath Reilly, you’re a great man of the soil, surely you’d have that information on the tip of your tongue. Tom Watson – maybe you know it for the quizzes? Let me know if you can answer this, or I might be forced to step it out myself some evening.

Sean Murphy, you can probably calculate it by just standing up on the embankment and throwing one over the place.

I’m not sure why Padraic wants to know. I certainly don’t think it was because he found the pitch too narrow on the evening…

UPDATE, first reply in: A man says: “In paces, I’d give it you in paces (approx 98 wide and 168 long) but no idea in proper measurement”.