Meet our Mayoral candidate!

Sixty seconds with the GAA club’s Mayoral candidate


Name: Adrian Flannery

Age: 35

Claim to fame: Running for Mayor of Ballinrobe

Last Film I Saw: The Blindside

Last Book I Read: Tony Blair- The Journey

Favourite Song At The Moment: My Little Honda Fifty

When I’m not playing football I’m: Talking to Norman about football

If I could invite three people to dinner I’d invite: Peter McHugh, Paddy McTigue and Barack Obama.

Why those three? All great leaders.

The funniest guy in the Ballinrobe dressing-room is: Rubber.

The hardest guy in the Ballinrobe dressing-room is: Eugene O’Malley.

Who is the most famous person in your phone contacts? Enda Flannery.

What’s the most expensive thing you own (excluding house or car)? The engagement ring I bought Sinead.

The best thing about playing for Ballinrobe is: You don’t have to play for Shrule, Kilmaine, Hollymount or Claremorris!

The best Gaelic footballer I have ever seen play is: Declan O’Sullivan.

Who is the toughest opponent you have ever faced? Michael Donnellan.

My favourite pub in Ballinrobe is: Inch’s Bar.

What are you most afraid of? My mother.

The biggest influence on my GAA career was: My father.

My favourite saying is: I can’t go because I have training (according to Sinead!)

What was the last meal you ate? A Peter McHugh’s special.

My ideal desert island date would be: Sinead O’Kelly

Tell me something very few people know about you? I’m a really gentle, kind and caring guy.

Describe yourself in three words: Gentle. Kind. Caring

I should be the next Ballinrobe Mayor because: I am Adrian Flannery, a living legend!