Full-time audio report now available here: Ballinrobe 1-14, @ArdnareeSarsGAA 1-5 @radiomidwest

Final score: Ballinrobe 1-14,  Ardnaree Sarsfields 1-5

Full time audio report here:


3.26pm: David Killeen brings matters to a close with an outside-of-the-boot job. Don’t tell Second Captains or we won’t see Davy for weeks. Final score Ballinrobe 1-14, Ardnaree Sarsfields 1-5.

3.25pm: Eoin McCormack free. Ballinrobe 1-13, Ardnaree 1-5

3.20pm: Random thoughts as this game rambles to a close – Johnny O’Malley very happy here with how Everton are handling United today. Is it still 3-0? Everton are Mike Finno’s club too, aren’t they? He had his bedroom plastered with Amokachi pictures until he was nearly 30.

Are Ros still beating Down? Micheal Keane, wherever you are on honeymoon, are you tuned? You can hear all about the great MK HERE

3.19pm: Stephen Burke gone of injured. James O’Malley, another man who has suffered a lot of injuries, comes on. Hopefully Stephen is not too bad.

3.12pm: Penalty for Ardnaree. Eoin McCormack takes it, Kenny saves – retake ordered, McCormack put its low to Kenny’s right for a goal. Ballinrobe 1-13, Ardnaree 1-4.

3.10pm: Donal Vaughan point, 1-3 to 0-4. Ballinrobe 1-13, 0-4.

3.08pm: Peter Walsh comes on for Felim Reilly.

3.06pm: Sean Burke powers through the middle for a point. Ballinrobe 1-12, Ardnaree 0-4.

3.07pm: UFO (i.e. sub whose name I haven’t got) point for Ardnaree. Ballinrobe 1-11, Ardnaree 0-4.

3.05pm: Cillian Walsh comes on for Walter Loftus. Ballinrobe 1-11, Ardnaree 0-3.

3.03pm: Sean Burke fisted point, pass from Felim Reilly, Ballinrobe 1-11, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.56pm: Darren McDonnell point. Ballinrobe 1-10, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.54pm: Second-half underway. Almost straightaway, Donal Vaughan point. Ballinrobe 1-9, Ardnaree 0-3.

Half-time audio report:


2.37pm: Half-time. We’ve changed url for this page too – the other one was a bit War & Peace. Ballinrobe 1-8, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.37: Black card for Chris Walshe, Ardnaree. Replaced by Cathal Noone. Ballinrobe 1-8, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.35pm: Donal Vaughan point. He’s having a huge impact on this game. Ballinrobe 1-8, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.23pm: It’s a goal for us. Bizarre in the end, but they all count. Stephen Burke popped a nice ball into Donal Vaughan, one-one-one with their full-back. Donal turned him and bore down on goal. Goalie comes out to meet Donal, he pops it right to one of our lads (Sean Burke, I think) to finish it to the net. However, a vigilant Ardnaree defender, sprinting back to mind the house, intervened but only to put the ball into his own net. Frustration for the defender after his hard work. A goal we probably deserved though. Donal will get the goal bonus in the pay packet this week. Ballinrobe 1-7, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.28pm: Kenny remains unerring. Another point from a free. Ballinrobe 0-7, Ardnaree 0-3.

Ballinrobe v Ardnaree, Mayo SFL Division 1B, April 26th, 2015, Flanagan Park, Ballinrobe.
Ballinrobe v Ardnaree, Mayo SFL Division 1B, April 26th, 2015, Flanagan Park, Ballinrobe. Well 14 of them. Can you figure out the identity of the man in the red boots, back right, who almost made it.

2.25pm: Darren McDonnell tears up the field again to get on the end of a good movement, booms it over the bar. Reminiscent of the few ‘nice ones’ he got against Garrymore in the championship last year. Ballinrobe 0-6, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.22pm: Excellent Darren McDonnell point puts us two ahead again, good work by Donal Vaughan in the build-up. Ballinrobe 0-5, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.20pm: Ronan Doherty points from play, Ballinrobe 0-4, Ardnaree 0-3.

2.19pm: Eoin McCormack points free, Ballinrobe 0-4, Ardnaree 0-2.

2.16pm: Donal Vaughan gets our first point from play. Donal is wearing No. 14 but rotating between full-forward and midfield to telling effect. Ballinrobe 0-4, Ardnaree 0-1.

2.15pm: Chris Walshe judges the breeze beautifully to open Ardnaree’s account. Ballinrobe 0-3, Ardnaree 0-1.

2.14pm: Donal Vaughan fouled. Kenny O’Malley steps up to the free – 54 yards out and into the breeze. Another beautiful connection, hops on the crossbar and over. Ballinrobe 0-3, Ardnaree 0-0.

2.10pm: Donal Vaughan fouled, points the free himself. Ballinrobe 0-2, Ardnaree 0-2.

2.06pm: Kenneth O’Malley, free, almost on the 45 yard line. Excellent point against the breeze. Ballinrobe 0-1, Ardnaree 0-0.

2.03pm: Game on. There’s a breeze rising from the town end. We will be playing against it in the first half. We attack from the throw-in, wide from Joseph Burke.

BALLINROBE: Kenneth O’Malley; David Murphy, Eugene O’Malley (captain), David O’Connor; Shane Biggins, David Killeen, Darren McDonnell; Walter Loftus, Joseph Burke; James Murphy, Sean Burke, Felim Reilly; Conor Keane, Donal Vaughan, Stephen Burke.

ARDNAREE: Darren Cawley; Brendan Reilly, Pat Glacken, Conor Cawley; Michael Tighe, Brian Fitzpatrick, Martin Forbes; Rory Clarke, Ronan O’Malley; Noelie Beattie, Chris Walshe, Martin Rafter; Jamie Ford, Eoin McCormack, Ronan Doherty.

Ref: Peter Geraghty, Swinford.

1.20pm: Throw-in today is 2pm – Mayo SFL Division 1B v Ardnaree Sarsfields, at Flanagan Park, Ballinrobe. So if you’re knocking around town, perhaps just getting up from a late breakfast or even the banners themselves, you might consider rambling up to see the game. We lost our first league game away to Ballaghaderreen. We will have live updates here during the afternoon. Liam Horan here at the wheel.