Player Injury Fund Scheme 2021

Ballinrobe GAA Player Injury Scheme Guidelines 2021

Ballinrobe Players are covered by the Play injury scheme operated by the National Governing Body of the GAA.

The GAA injury Fund applies to:

– Registered Players

– Voluntary Coaches, Team Managers, Selectors and members of Official Teams parties

Social members, non-playing and non-coaching members are not covered under the GAA Injury Fund for injuries sustained during GAA activities

To qualify for cover – 
You must be fully-paid-up member of the Club at time of injury
Your injury must have been sustained in an official Ballinrobe match or training event. Coaches are reminded that details of challenge matches must advised to the County Board in advance.

Cover is effective from June 1st 2021 – May 31st 2022

You only claim when all other avenues have been exhausted. You are reminded that these arrangements are not “insurance” policies.

Each player needs to ensure that they have adequate cover in place to meet their own individual needs and personal circumstances.The GAA Injury Benefit Fund is only in place to cover benefits which cannot be claimed elsewhere and is a benefit cover only.

The GAA Injury Benefit fund does not seek to compensate fully for injuries sustained but to supplement other schemes such as Personal Accident or Health Insurance. The Injury Benefit Fund only provides cover for unrecoverable losses up to the limits specified. They are private schemes run by the GAA and are “remedies of last resort”.

In other words, claimants are expected to seek redress by all other available means before claiming under the Injury Scheme.

In the first instance utilise their private health insurance provisions where applicable. Similarly, for school children insured under the School Insurance Policy parents should utilise the provisions of the health cover of the School Insurance Policy

All claims must be routed through the Secretary within 60 days of an injury

We encourage Players/ Parents of Juveniles and Coaches to become familiar with the details and limitations of these schemes and the procedures to be used

Benefits covered: 1. Medical 2. Dental 3. Supplementary Hospital Benefit 4. Loss of wages 5.Capital Benefits

**Refer to the GAA Injury Benefit Fund Summary Document Effective from 1st June 2021: Club and County Panel Edition for further details on specified benefit limits ***

Please note there is NO cover for pre-operative physiotherapy. The ONLY physiotherapy that maybe claimed for are treatments that are POST-OPERATIVE which have been medically prescribed. In the absence of surgery there is NO cover for physiotherapy/associated treatments

Procedure for submitting GAA Injury Fund claim

– Report any suspected Injury ASAP

– Any player sustaining an injury during a match (including challenge matches) should report the injury to management directly after match. The team management will then inform the referee so that it will be included in the match report.

– If a player is not aware of the injury until after leaving the match they should contact the team manager immediately to inform them of the injury.

– If an injury is sustained during a training session the player should report the injury to the team manager before leaving training.

– In the event of a player having to attend a hospital the player should attend the public hospital as each player has free access to the full range of services at the hospital subject to the A&E charge levied (€100). If a player attends a GP prior to attending hospital and receives a referral letter this A&E charge will not apply.

– Players having attended A&E in a public or private hospital will be reimbursed €100 towards the cost of the attendance on the production of a receipt (this is the full cost in a public hospital). Any attendance by a player at a hospital arising from a match or training incident MUST be notified to Annette Conway, Club Secretary.

*LGFA Claims are submitted to Mary Langan, Chairperson Ballinrobe LGFA*

– A claim must be registered on line with DWF Claims within 60 days of an injury, otherwise the claim will not be processed.

– A claim number will be issued and must be used for all documents relating to the claim

– Once the submitted claim is reviewed by DWF Claims, DWF Claims will acknowledge the claim and it will be forwarded on- line to relevant Co Board for approval

– The Player Injury Officer will download the relevant sections of the claim form that need to be submitted. If a submitted claim is not fully documented, the necessary documents will be requested by DWF Claims to resolve the claim.

– Please note that scanned documents maybe submitted in respect of all the claim documentation required but DWF Claims will carry out spot checks and at their discretion, requests for originals to be submitted will be made as per compliance with the annual audit requirements in respect of the Fund.

– When the treatment for the injury is completed, the documents required must be given to Annette Conway, Player Injury Officer and any queries or correspondence relating to a claim must be made to her.

– It is the responsibility of the player/player’s parent/guardian to ensure that all necessary documentation is completed and submitted.

– The Player Injury Officer will be available to assist in completing the claim process

– Player Injury Officer will ensure that all required Claimant, Team Manager and Club Secretary/Designated Player Injury Officer signatures and documentation are completed

– Player Injury Officer will also follow up with the player regarding any queries from DWF Claims or any further information required

– Once a payment has been issued to the Club, the Player Injury Officer will organise for the settlement amount to be forwarded to the player

– Important: Any members who have not paid membership by May 31st 2021 will not be eligible to receive any reimbursements from the club for any injury occurring prior to their membership being paid.

– Important: Claims reported more than 60 Days after the injury date are excluded from the GAA injury Fund